Daily Archives: September 15, 2011

Air Duct Cleaning

Chicago air duct cleaning is often one of those home maintenance items which is often overlooked by homeowners who are busy with other more glamorous seasonal tasks. During the warm summer months like the ones we just felt and the cold winter months, most homes are closed up tight and the HVAC system is working overtime. The result is often an optimal breeding ground for indoor air pollution.

During spring and fall when the weather is more mild homeowners typically have their doors and windows open. All of the airflow into the home keeps fresh air moving and indoor air quality healthy. When the weather begins to get more extreme, homeowners close the doors and windows and prevent good, clean airflow throughout the home. This causes dust and debris to settle deep in your air duct system. These tiny molecules of dirt, dust, mold, pollen and animal dander are then constantly re-circulated in your home each time your HVAC unit turns on. This is a breeding ground for fungi, germs and mold.

Fall and spring are perfect times to get your air duct cleaned although no time is a bad time. Homeowners may need an HVAC system inspection and cleaning as well. Multiple components of the HVAC system besides the ductwork can catch contaminants and contribute to a reduced level of indoor air quality. If a homeowner can see dust or dirt in the ductwork, air duct cleaning is advised.

Be sure to use a trusted company with plenty of referrals and reviews. You can check ours on our Yelp or Google Places pages. An air duct cleaning which is not done properly can actually cause more harm than good in the long run. If your HVAC system has not been cleaned in the past 2 years, it should be done soon. Clean indoor air provides a healthier home and promotes a healthier environment so your family doesn’t have to deal with nagging dry, musty air, itchy eyes or constant headaches.