An Air Conditioner Water Heater

We stumbled upon a cool new HVAC unit the other day. It is called the Air Conditioner Water Heater and is provided by Hotspot Energy. Now storing heat is not something you normally think of when you turn your AC unit on but that is exactly what this unit does.

The ACWH works by having a condenser unit which sits outside collecting heat the air conditioner compresses and releases outside. Heat then passes through a heat exchanger connected to the water tank. The process of heating water while cooling your home can help save you energy and money because the heat recovery process eases the load of your AC unit. Using the ACWH on a mild day won’t reduce your water heating costs much but at its peak, the unit can provide 18,000 BTU’s of cooling using 1333 watts/hr.

The ACWH is ideal for homeowners living in the south or if you run your AC unit most of the year. It can heat 100 gallons of water per day, has a 18 SEER rating, LCD display, sleep mode, auto restart and digital timer. HotSpot energy claims it can save a homeowner about $1,800 per year.

Although the Air Conditioner Water Heater is probably not suitable for homeowners in the area it is good to know these products exist and that the HVAC industry is embracing technology and going green. If you’re planning to retire down south, this little number may be a realistic unit for your future!

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