Chicago Furnace Cleanings

Everyone knows Chicago weather can be unpredictable at best. One day it’s 90 and sunny and the next day it’s in the upper 50’s and rainy, and that’s in the summer. Fall is now upon us and winter is right around the corner which means bitter cold, wind and lots of snow. What a better way to spend those chilly evenings than inside your own home watching a movie, right? Well, the changing of seasons means you have to go from using your air conditioner to using your heater. Are you prepared? Better yet, is your furnace prepared? Viking Heating and Cooling has begun scheduling our yearly Chicago furnace tune ups so you should act now to schedule an appointment!

It is important to act fast and call when the seasons begin to change rather than waiting for the first real cold day of winter. Many homeowners who call and schedule a Chicago furnace cleaning early can usually pick their date and time and have us out whenever they are free. Once the temperatures drop and winter closely approaches the rush to make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape occurs. Some of the rush is for furnace cleanings while others are for more serious problems, like a new furnace. These issues take longer to resolve and thus back up our technicians time-wise. With temperatures dropping faster than people expected, sometimes you need your heater sooner rather than later as well.

It isn’t smart to assume your heater will immediately start once the temperature turns cold for the first time. When you start your furnace for the first time once the weather hits the 50’s you aren’t looking for lukewarm air, you want heat. Being proactive now will alleviate this problem and have your furnace working properly. Call Viking Heating and Cooling today to schedule your annual Chicago furnace cleaning.

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