Furnace Clean and Check Coupon

Just as we did in the summer, Viking Heating and Cooling is opening up the Fall season with a discount. As calls begin to flood in for yearly furnace maintenance checks, we decided to extend this great benefit to all Chicagoland homeowners. The furnace maintenance check is typically $125 but we are offering the Chicago furnace tune-up for $90. This is a $35 discount on a must have service for the winter!

There are several Chicago HVAC companies which will also be offering discounts on furnace tune ups which may be cheaper than what Viking Heating and Cooling is offering. You may find these discounts online, in the mail or in newspapers proclaiming cheaper furnace maintenance and may jump at the chance to go with these other companies. If you are a regular to our blog you will know how we feel about these companies and discounts. Make sure you check out the company as we previously wrote in our blog. Do your research and call several companies in order to get the right one. Consider the quality of service, friendliness of the technician and look for reviews.

Companies will undercut our pricing in order to get you on the phone. Once they have you on the phone they know they will be in your home and then the sales pitch begins. The odds of you having a major issue with your furnace when these other companies perform your tune up increase dramatically. Most of these companies are only scamming you into purchasing another unit so they can force you into buying something you don’t really need. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are full of newspaper examples we pulled from other companies. Go check them out…we will wait here. Back already? Viking Heating and Cooling is building our business from the ground up and relying mostly on word of mouth advertising to do so. Brett, the owner, will be the one who arrives on almost every call to do an estimate as well as complete the work. If you are looking for an honest, reliable Chicago furnace tune up call us. We guarantee 100% homeowner satisfaction and have a 1 year warranty on parts and labor!

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