Should You Upgrade Your HVAC System?

Let’s face it. The economy is a downer, Chicago housing is a bust and people either don’t have money or are packing it away for the uncertain future. Homeowners used to use the wealth generated by their home to make home improvements or move entirely. Right now, for most of the middle class, this just isn’t possible. With the housing market about the weakest it has ever been and fewer people moving due to the economy and recession, what is the most advantageous area to improve in your home?

Viking Heating and Cooling recommends you update your HVAC appliances or your HVAC system. Shocking that a HVAC company is recommending upgrading your HVAC units right? Hear us out for a minute. If your furnace or air conditioner is a bit old and you have the cash to do so, why wouldn’t you replace it? Chances are you won’t be moving for a while. The new air conditioners and furnaces on the market can help reduce your energy bills because of how efficient they have become over the years. Not only that but you won’t have to worry about purchasing another HVAC unit for at least 20 years from now. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, wouldn’t it be nice to tell prospective buyers you have a new high efficiency furnace and air conditioner already in place for them? The new units will save you money in the short term by lowering your monthly bills but could also up the re-sale value of your home in the longer term.

The current state of the economy has homeowners stashing cash away and staying in their current home which makes this a perfect time to upgrade your HVAC units. Upgrading to a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner will help you save in the future in regards to lower energy bills and the ROI in the re-sale of your home. Give us a call today and we can drop by with a Free Estimate!

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